Ruben Talberg

Ruben Talberg was born in 1964 in Heidelberg. Talberg is a maverick who invented the distinctive and disturbing Pittura Alchemica (Volte face). Talberg transcends his artistic boundaries for more than thirty years through painting and photography, numerous international exhibitions, printed catalogues and publications, awards and public auction. In 2011 Talberg established his own Museum.

Talberg's oeuvre deals with antagonistic positions such as Nature & Alchemy, Asymmetry & Dynamics or Eros & Thanathos. During the last decade he has intensified his interest for Jewish mysticism and magic. On extensive journeys he creates new serials of photography that in turn shape the base for new artwork cycles. Likewise the surfaces of his artworks contain references to Aramaic letters, Voodoo, Egyptian symbols, Chinese economic numbers. Talberg is known for his volte-face paintings in which he inverts the canvasses according to the ancient alchemic principle of "conversio oppositorum".

Talberg, a member of Mensa International, lives and works in Heidelberg, France and Spain.

What some critics say!

"I just love Talberg’s paintings - I had to buy a few pieces!" - Amy Winehouse, Artist

"Three words to describe Talberg’s artworks? Raw, powerful, bleak!" - Roman Polanski, Film Producer

"I met Ruben in Frankfurt - his family is well-known in the States - especially in Hollywood where in 1987 I was honoured with the „Thalberg Memorial Award“ by the Oscar Academy. Ruben Talberg - fantastic pictures - big artist - big name!" - Steven Spielberg, Film Producer

"I like Talberg’s artworks: exciting, profound, spiritual!" - David Duchovny, Actor

"I met Ruben first time at Art Basel Miami Beach. He handed me over a CD with his most recent paintings which I studied. - I rate them highly: blue chip!" - Keanu Reeves, Actor


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